Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook 2013

MS Outlook is one of the most frequently used email clients. This application has a number of advanced features which enables user to perform a lot of activity with it apart from only sending and receiving emails. Generally people use Outlook for their personal as well as professional works. With this Outlook application, people can manage their emails, contacts, distribution list, tasks, calendar, appointments, notes, journal and web browsing. Apart from it, it also allows user to filter the emails, create folder, Junk emails, sort mails with rule and condition formatting, etc. very easily. Microsoft has launched a series of Outlook versions like 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

All these versions of MS Outlook use a file to store the user information. This file is known as PST file. PST is acronyms of Personal Storage Table. All the user information such as username, password, folders, emails, contacts, etc. are stored in this Outlook data file. Beside these features of MS Outlook, sometimes people may face folder deletion issue from Outlook files. These folders may contain some important information as emails, contacts, etc. After facing folder deletion issue, people want to undelete folder at any cost. So to undelete folder in Outlook 2013, people need to utilize an advanced third party tool like Undelete Folder. It is an advanced recovery program which allows user to restore folder along with files as it was previously in simple mouse clicks.

Most common causes behind folder deletion from Outlook:

  • At the time of removing unnecessary info from Outlook profile, mistake people might end up with the selections of important folder and delete them by making the use Delete + shift key combination which will lead to permanent folder deletion from Outlook PST file. In order to know about file recover process which has been deleted using key combination from system hard drive, check this page:
  • Virus is a small computer program which has specially developed for deleting the information stored in system hard drive. If any email which contains virus comes, then it may also be a cause behind folder deletion from Outlook PST file.
  • Abnormally closing of Outlook application during any process like sending or receiving email is going on can also be a cause behind folder deletion from Outlook profile.
  • In older versions, Microsoft office has assigned some size limit to PST file. If PST files crosses it’s this limit due to large number of emails or other items, then there may be a chance of folder deletion from it.

Whatever can be reason behind folder deletion, people can easily undelete folder in Outlook 2013 by making the use of Undelete Folder software. This application is enough capable of recovering folder from a password protected or encrypted Outlook PST file. With the help of Undelete Folder tool, people can easily recover deleted contact folder from Outlook data file. People can make the use of this application on all the versions of Windows operating system. This program also supports the recovery of deleted or lost folder from PST file which can be created with any versions of Outlook software. You take the help of this easy to use software to recover accidentally deleted folder in Outlook PST 2016 easily. To know more about it, check this page:

Simple steps to recover Deleted folder in Outlook 2013:

Step 1: Download the software on your system and install it. Run the installed application. From main screen, select "OPEN PST FILE" option to recover deleted folder in Outlook 2013 as shown in Fig 1

Undelete Folder in Outlook 2013 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, choose the scanning method and select destination path to save "Deleted Folder" as shown in Fig 2

Retrieving Deleted Items In Outlook 2013 - Choose Scan Method

Fig 2: Choose Scan Method

Step 3: After the recovery process, a message pops up showing list of restored items where you can find folder as shown in Fig 3.

Recover Deleted Folder In Outlook 2013 - Summary

Fig 3: Summary