Software to Protect Folders with Password

Folders created on your computer hold great importance as they help us to differentiate the data based on our needs such as educational, official and personal. A folder contains different type of files like music, precious photos, personal videos, movies, confidential documents, etc. And, nobody would like some unauthorized person to gain access to their valuable folders and make the data public or misuse it. So, the next question that commonly arises in users mind is how to protect important folders from prying eyes and data thieves. Well, in an answer to your question protecting folders with password is the most suitable and reliable solution. When you password protect folders on your computer, then nobody except you will be able to access the valuable data which is residing in your private folders.

You can protect folder with password and secure it from intruders by making use of some powerful third party App’s. There are numerous number of software’s made available in the market especially developed to protect your crucial folders with strong passwords and lock them. When compared to various third party tools available over internet, Remo MORE has gained much popularity among customers for its superb and high efficient performance. Remo MORE suit provides the excellent answer for all your questions on how to protect a folder with password.

Need for protecting folders with password:

  • If your computer is shared among your family members, then there are great chances that your family person may intentionally or accidentally open your personal folders and gain access to stored data.
  • In case your laptop is lost or stolen, then you can remain tension free as the data stored on it will be locked with password provided by you.
  • For instance, you have created some important documents and saved in folders on your office computer. But, if you are not protecting folders with password, then there are pretty good chances that the data can be modified by your office colleague without your knowledge. 
  • For data security reasons like theft and many other. The folders containing sensitive data can be stolen by someone.

Note: One thing that you must keep in mind is that the provided password must be strong enough for the hackers or data thieves to guess it and must be easy enough for you to remember.

Irrespective of the reason behind why folders should be password protected, you must work on what is the most comprehensive software to protect folders with password. As previously mentioned, Remo MORE is the most recommended software that has potential to protect all your important folders with password. Isn’t it really superb that this MORE suit is available free of cost? Yes, of course it is. Our Remo MORE software is free and thus to protect folders with password, you need not invest single rupee. This tool can password protect folders on Windows, Mac and Android operating system based devices. The software has simple to use GUI which can easily employed by the person without having any computer knowledge. It also comes with attractive screenshots by following which one can use this software for protecting folders with password without any professional help. Therefore, with Remo MORE safeguard all your significant folders by password protecting them.

Procedure to protect folders with password using MORE:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE suit on the hard disk of your computer. Run the software and select “Manage” option from the main screen. Then, choose “File Manager” option as shown in Figure 1.

How to Protect a Folder with Password - Select File Manager Option

Figure 1: Select File Manager Option

Step2: Now, select “File Protector” option to protect your vital folders. Now, set the password of your choice to protect folders with password as shown in Figure 2.

How to Protect a Folder with Password - Choose File / Folder Locker Option

Figure 2: Choose File / Folder Locker Option

Step3: Select “File / Folder Locker” option for protecting folders with password as shown in Figure 3.

How to Protect a Folder with Password - Set Password

Figure 3: Set Password

Step4: After this you need to locate folders that you want to protect by making use of “Add Folders” option. After that click on “Lock” option as shown in Figure 4.

How to Protect a Folder with Password - Click on Lock Option

Figure 4: Click on Lock Option

Step5: The software starts the procedure of locking folders and finally you will receive a success message as shown in Figure 5.

How to Protect a Folder with Password - Folders Locked

Figure 5: Folders Locked