Proficient Tool to Restore Erased Folders from USB Stick

Now-a-days, almost all people prefer to use USB Stick to keep backup of their personal and official data. This huge amount of data is separated, the related files are stored in folders to avoid confusion while accessing. These USB devices are most widely used across the globe because of its attractive features such as portable nature, easy sharing of data from one device to another and many more. In spite of all these advantages, you may even face deletion of those folders due to some human mistakes / logical errors, which makes you face severe trouble if the deleted folders are of great importance.

One real time scenario which I had faced: When I connected my USB flash disk to computer to transfer few precious folders. I encountered an error message like USB stick is not formatted and asked to format it. I mistakenly clicked on yes and all my valuable files and folders got erased. And I don’t know how to recover deleted folders from USB stick. Can anyone suggest me the best way to rescue deleted folders from USB flash drive without losing single one?

Above mentioned issue might be faced by many users but most of they fail to find proper solution for this problem. If you come across such issues in future, then don’t get annoyed! Simply make use of a reliable software named Deleted Folder Recovery utility that I used and recovered all my deleted folders back. Undelete folder tool is completely free from threats and viruses, which means it does not cause any further loss to your vital folders including files. There are many attractive features of this application, before explaining them in detail let me give few scenarios that cause deletion of folders from USB Stick.

Scenarios that cause deletion of folders from USB drive:

  • Unintended Deletion: You may inadvertently delete important folders from your USB disk on computer while dealing with useless data. The deleted folder bypasses from Recycle Bin folder as any computer / laptop does not provide any temporary storage space for saving deleted from external HDD, which results in permanent data loss.
  • Cut and Paste Operation: At times, every computer user make use of short cuts “Ctrl X” and “Ctrl V” that is (Cut and paste) operation for moving folders from USB drive to system. While executing this task, if power fails between the process then this type of incidence leads to loss of files.
  • Virus Infection: If your USB drive is infected by virus, then during antivirus scanning of the device the affected files will get deleted without any notice to the user thereby making you to face severe data loss.

After you delete folders from the USB Stick for any reason, most of the users think that data from it is lost permanently. If you try to add any data to it thinking that there is a free space then deleted files and folders gets overwritten and they are lost beyond recovery. But, you can effortlessly get back deleted folders from USB Stick by making use of reliable and efficient deleted folder recovery program, only if you have not added new data.

Excellent features of Deleted Folder Recovery tool:

Undelete folder is the best folder restoration application which is offered with superior algorithms in order to scan entire USB stick and recover accidentally deleted folders on all versions of Windows Operating systems. With the help of this toolkit, you can even restore folders that are permanently erased from Recycle Bin. This retrieval tool not only recovers accidentally deleted folders, it can even help user to perform folder recovery after format, corruption or damage of USB drive on all versions of Mac as well. With the help of undelete folder program, you can even undo delete data from all other storage devices like memory cards, hard drives, and more without much effort.

This software provides a free demo version using which you can easily know how to recover deleted folders from USB stick within few steps provided in it. You can preview recovered files and folders and check the efficiency of the software. If you have any doubts regarding recovery product our experts are available 24/7 to assist you. If you are satisfied with the output obtained then you can purchase the licensed one and save all restored data.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Do not save recovered folders on to the same USB drive
  • Follow safe removal of flash drive while disconnecting it from the system
  • Cross check ones, before erasing any folders from USB Stick

Perform below mentioned steps to get back deleted folder from USB drive:

Step 1: Just download and install free demo version of the software and launch it to start the recovery process. From the main screen, select “Recover Drives” option as shown in the figure below. Then, on the next screen, select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to restore deleted folder from USB device after formatting or corruption.

Recover Deleted Folders from USB Stick - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From the list of drives, choose connected USB stick from where folders are to be retrieved and click on “Next” to proceed further.

Recover Deleted Folders from USB Stick - Select USB Stick

Figure 2: Select USB Stick

Step 3: Then, scanning of the USB drive starts to search deleted folders. Once the scanning is completed, recovered data is displayed in “Data View” or “File TypeView”.

Recover Deleted Folders from USB Stick - Preview Files

Figure 3: Preview Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users