Restore Folders Deleted from Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is the location where deleted files are temporary stored on Microsoft Windows. Recycle Bin allows users to recover files that have been deleted in Windows. When a file is deleted from your computer, it is not really deleted. It is simply removed from the file directory in the folder. Even though you can no longer see the file in the folder, its contents still exist 100% intact at this point. As long as the file remains there, you can easily recover it in its entirety. So the first thing you should do when you want to recover deleted file is looking for it in the Recycle Bin. If it's there, you can recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin by just using the "Restore" option which will move it back to its original location. If you empty the Recycle Bin or delete a file using other method which bypassed the Recycle Bin such as "Shift+Del", although you cannot see the file in Recycle Bin, the file is still not really deleted.

The file no longer exists as far as the operating system is concerned and the space it occupied becomes available for re-use by other files. But the disk space does not get re-used straight away, so the data that the deleted file contained will stay on your hard drive for some time to come.

Consider you emptied the Recycle Bin without checked. In Recycle Bin there is some important photos folder which are accidentally deleted by you. Don't be desperate there is still chance to undelete that folder. You can undelete accidentally deleted folder by using Folder Recovery Software which helps you to retreive deleted folder. This software is best and reliable folder recovery software. This software has been appreciated by most of the experts of our industry for its excellent performance. Visit homepage by using this link

The folders from Recycle Bin can be deleted due to various reasons like:

  • Deletion due to Shift + Del: When a file or folder deleted by using shift delete key then in that situation all data gets erase from hard drive. In this scenario Windows Operating System does not offer any option to retrieve deleted files and folders from storage media devices. Shift + Delete key is the permanent deletion procedure which can be beneficial when you want to delete any unwanted file for permanently but it can be a serious matter when your important file gets deleted for permanently. So in situation like this you can make use of our tool which can restore folders deleted from recycle bin within few minutes.
  • Recycle Bin Bypassing:  If useful files or folders are deleted accidentally when Recycle Bin is full then those deleted files will not move to Recycle Bin instead of that they will bypass from the Recycle Bin.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin: Folders from Recycle Bin can be deleted after emptying it using "Empty Recycle Bin" option. You might just do it unintentionally or thinking that the folders in the Recycle Bin are not required. in such scenarios, you may need deleted folder recovery tool to retrieve folders from Recycle Bin.
  • Virus Attack: While you’re anti-virus software scanning, which might deletes some of the files important files from the hard drive. But, using this recovery tool you can easily restore missing files and folders after virus attack. You can find a bit more explanation about it from given URL:

Files are deleted / lost due to the above scenarios so you can use Deleted Folder Recovery Utility. This is very useful and versatile utility because by using this you can easily restore accidentally deleted folder. You can restore your favorite music files, photos, documents etc. If it is deleted / lost due to any circumstances you can restore it.
In Deleted Folder Recovery, you can solve all the problems of deletion from Recycle Bin. It also helps you to restore deleted folder in windows 7, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 2008 in few simple steps.

The unique features of this software are:

  • Recover folders, which bypass Windows Recycle Bin when they exceed in size as compared to the Recycle Bin.
  • Undelete folder is also available to perform outlook deleted folder recovery. Want to know how then refer this site
  • Folder deleted using shift delete or when deleted from Windows command prompt can be recovered quickly as well.
  • Recovered folders can be compressed in a zip archive to save disk space.
  • With this application you can even recover deleted folder from flash drive. If you want to check how! then go to this page:
  • Supports recovery of files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, Ext FAT partitions / drives
  • Ability to identify and recover various popular file types on the basis of their unique signatures
  • It recover folders from formatted disk drive after clicking on Format option accidentally on Windows or Mac OS X.

Tips to avoid deletion of folder from Recycle Bin:

  • Do not use the combination of Shift + Delete button keys unnecessarily for deleting any folder.
  • Always cross check the folder or file name before you use the combination of Shift + Delete keys.
  • Have an up to date anti-virus program to remove harmful virus from computer.

Note: Undelete Folder application has ability to recover files folders from your system which are missing after virus attack. This tool has a complex and robust algorithm which helps a lot in missing files or folder recovery with ease.

Steps to recover deleted folder from Recycle Bin:

Step 1: Download and install the free version of undelete folder software. Select from “Recover Files ”, “Recover Photos” or “Recover Drives / Partitions”.

Undelete Folder-Main Screen

Step 2: Then select “Recover Files” from the main window and then select either from “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files”.

Undelete Folder- Select from Recover Deleted Files or Recover Lost Files

Step 3:  After selecting the logical drive from which you have lost particular folder click on “Next. After scanning is completed you will be able to view all the recovered data by the software.

Undelete Folder- Select Logical Drive