Get Back Folders Deleted from External Hard Drive

Can I recover Deleted folders from my external hard drive? Is there any tool which will assist me to find back deleted folders off USB HDD? If you are facing such type of issues then do not panic!! Be cool and calm! Recovery of deleted folder is very much possible with the aid of Undelete Folder software. This tool is capable enough to recover deleted folder from your external hard drive within just a few clicks of mouse. Most of the users have misconception that once the folder is deleted it cannot be recovered back. But, this is nothing but a myth; deleted folder can be recovered with the help of our tool Undelete Folder with ease.

Before we talk about the recovery of deleted folders let’s have a quick look over the possible reasons where folders from external hard drive may get deleted.  The following are some most common ways where you might end up in deleting folders from your external hard drive.

  • Accidental Deletion – This is one of the most common mistakes which is made by users. People generally prefer external hard drive to take a backup of important data or transferring data from one system to another. Sometime in hurriedness users end with deletion of important folder from external drive while making attempt to delete useless folders. Since computer is a machine which follows the instructions given by user, it will delete folder even it contains valuable data.  But you can recover deleted folder by making use of our Undelete Folder tool. Here you can know how, click URL navigate to the page:
  • Use of shift and delete keyMost of the users prefer to delete folder from external hard drive by making use of key combination shift and delete keys. If you end up with deletion of your important folder by this command then it will get delete permanently and you won’t be able to recover it from Recycle Bin. If any important folder is deleted in this incident, then you will be frustrated and will start looking for a tool to recover deleted folder. If you want to learn how to recover deleted folder from Recycle Bin within a fraction of second then go through this URL:
  • Virus or malicious programThis is also a possible reason where your folder may get delete by third party tool in order to remove virus infected folder. If there is any dangerous virus or malware present on external hard drive folder, then the moment you connect it to the system for copying data to and from USB hard drive, infected folder might be deleted by anti-virus software.

Irrespective of the reasons you can recover deleted folder from your external hard drive as long as you have not stored any new data on it, after the deletion of folder. If you have stored any new data on it then it will reduce the probability of data recovery, because of overwriting of data on it. Undelete Folder is a famous tool which is capable to get back folders irrespective of deletion scenario. This tool not only recovers deleted folders from external hard drive but also supports hard drives of computer having files systems like FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and many other effectively. It can also be used to recover data from flash drive and other various external storage devices like memory card, memory stick and many more.  Once the recovery is done you can preview recovered folder with the help of preview feature of this tool.

Steps to recover deleted folder from external hard drive:

Step 1: Download and install the software. After launching this tool choose "Recover Files" from start window and then choose “Recover Deleted Files" option from second screen.

Recover Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the external hard drive from which you need to restore folders. Once the drive is selected then click on next button to starts scan process, after completion of scan all folders will be retrieved.

Recover Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive - Select External Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select External Hard Drive

Step 3: You can preview all recovered folders using preview option as shown in figure 3 once the recovery process is done.

Recover Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive - Preview Recovered Folders

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Folders

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