Possibility of Recovering Deleted Folder in Outlook

“I accidentally deleted one my important folder from my Microsoft Outlook profile. Can I recover that folder back?” The answer to this question is absolutely yes! Because when you delete any folder from your Outlook profile, it will not get permanently deleted. You can recover them back by using undelete folder which can also be named as Outlook folder recovery tool. The special algorithms of this software perform a deep drive scan to retrieve deleted folders from Outlook profile. With this tool you can tackle different data loss situation on MS Outlook.

Outlook folder recovery tool is the finest application for recovering deleted folder in Outlook with full accuracy. This tool competently scans the Outlook PST file and retrieves deleted Outlook items even if the PST file is severely corrupted. In case of PST corruption, it first repairs the corrupted PST file and later on recover the deleted folders from it. It allows users to restore deleted contacts, emails, notes, journals, appointments and other Outlook attributes.

User can even use this utility to recover deleted folders from highly encrypted or password protected PST file. Outlook deleted folder recovery tool has user friendly interface, which provides a great help to the amateur user in recovering deleted folder in Outlook. It scans the PST file on the bases of its corruption level like for minor PST file corruption it uses “Normal Scan” and for severe corruption issue it uses “Smart scan”. This application retrieves deleted folders from Outlook profile without damaging the original PST file. It extracts the data from the corrupted PST file and generates a fresh new copy of PST file. This tool supports various versions of the Outlook including Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010. Refer this site https://www.undeletefolder.com/to know more about undeleted folder tool.

There are several factors which are responsible for folder deletion on Outlook. Among them virus infection is the most frequent one. Usually, to get rid from the virus infection user make use antivirus program to scan their system hard drive. In case the folders of the Outlook PST file are infected by the deadly viruses, then the antivirus program will delete them during the drive scanning process. But, fortunately, there exist a tool which can easily recover deleted email folders from Outlook in just a fraction of second. Have a look over the provided URL to know more about it: https://www.undeletefolder.com/recover-deleted-email.html.

Improper system termination when Outlook application is in use also results in deletion of folder from Outlook profile. This generally happens when your Outlook application terminated abruptly, while the Outlook folders are still in use. Like this there are so many unavoidable situations due to the folder gets deleted from the Outlook profile. For recovering deleted folder in Outlook you need to perform Outlook deleted folder recovery using folder recovery tool. You can also recover deleted folder in Windows Server OS based computers. Check this link out www.undeletefolder.com/recover-deleted-windows-server.html for better understanding about Windows Server deleted folder recovery.

Outlook folder recovery is the best tool for recovering deleted folder in Outlook profile. Supports deleted PST recovery from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2003 operating System. As like Windows Server, if you are using Windows 7 OS then read this page here you get complete info on how to retrieve deleted folder on Windows 7. Using this tool you can also restore deleted emails from the Outlook PST file in just few minutes.

Apart from Outlook email folder recovery, it is capable enough to restore erased folders from USB stick, memory card, external HDD, etc. within quick span of time. If you want to check out the software performance then download the trial version of this software, which provides you the feature of previewing the recovered folders.

Note: Undelete folder can also recover folders deleted in Windows 8 very effectively. Click this link to know about Windows 8 deleted folder recovery: https://www.undeletefolder.com/recover-deleted-in-windows-8.html

Perform Outlook deleted folder recovery:

Step 1: Download the software on your system to repair PST file and to recover deleted Outlook folder. The window will have three options as shown below in Fig 1

Recovering Deleted Folder in Outlook - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select "Open PST File" if you know the exact location of the PST file. However, you can select "Find PST File" if you do not remember the PST location or can choose "Select Outlook Profile" for selecting PST file using different Outlook profiles. Once you have selected the PST file for fixing using any of the three options, click "Next" as shown in Fig 2

Recovering Deleted Folder in Outlook - Browse Corrupt PST File

Fig 2: Browse Corrupt PST File

Step 4: Now choose the scanning method and select destination path to save the fixed PST file. When done press "Repair" button to start the fixing process as shown in Fig 3. After this the software finally recovers all outlook data and displays it on the window.

Recovering Deleted Folder in Outlook - Choose one Scan Option

Fig 3: Choose one Scan Option