Best Way to Retrieve Deleted Email Folder of Outlook

Are you one of those whose email folder is deleted from MS Outlook? Are you looking for software to recover deleted email folder?  If yes, then congratulation your search ends here. This article explains how to recover deleted email folder from Outlook application. There is complete possibility of recovery of your deleted email folders with the help of undelete folder software. Some users believe that once a folder has been deleted then it cannot be recovered, but, this is completely myth. The fact is when you delete an email folder from Outlook, it does not completely deleted instead only entry from file system is removed and the space is marked as available for further data storage. Data still exists there and you can easily recover deleted email folders by making use of undelete folder software in very less time.

The main reasons where your folder may get deleted is accidental deletion. Suppose you wanted to delete some useless folder from your Outlook application and by mistake you end up with deleting another folder which may be your email folder then it will be deleted from your Outlook. After this event, you will be unhappy and disturbed as all your emails of that folder are deleted in just a fraction of second. However, there is a tool which comes handy to recover deleted folder from Outlook very easily. Visit the given URL to know complete process:

Another situation where your email folder may get delete is virus or malware attack. If a dangerous virus has attacked to your computer where your PST file is dwelling then chances are pretty high that your PST file may get corrupts. When you perform antivirus scanning then your email folder may get delete in this process.

Sometimes your email folder gets deleted while emptying deleted items folder. When you empty deleted items folder with the intension of freeing memory space on your hard drive, chance is that your important email folder is present there and in this emptying process it also gets deleted.  But, still you can restore deleted folder and email folder from deleted items in just a few simple click of mouse with the aid of this tool.

Irrespective of deletion scenario you can recover deleted email folders from Outlook in just a fraction of seconds, the only thing you need to know is, do not store any new data before the recovery is done. If you continue to store new data then due to overwrite of data you won’t be able to restore deleted email folders.

Undelete folder has many special features which makes it different from other applications. It has unique and robust algorithms which assist it in scanning and recovering email folders from hard drive with ease. It works fine to recover accidentally deleted folder in Outlook PST 2016 on all latest version of Windows operating system based computers. Along with email folders, this tool is capable to recover all attributes of Outlook application. You can also use this tool to recover folders from flash drive and other external storage device like SD card and flash memory.

Steps to retrieve deleted email folder in Outlook::

Step 1: After downloading and launching this software on your Windows computer you will get the main screen from which you need to choose any one option among "Open PST File", "Find PST File" and "Select Outlook Profile" as shown in the below figure.

Recover Deleted Email Folders - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: After that you will get one more screen from which you need to choose either "Normal Scan" or "Smart Scan" option. Once you do that you will also be prompted to select the destination location to save the new PST file. As soon as you finish off performing these steps just hit the "Repair" button as shown in the below figure.

Recover Deleted Email Folders - Click on Repair

Fig 2: Click on Repair

Step 3: Once the repair process gets completed you can preview the recovered emails.

Recover Deleted Email Folders - Preview Recovered Emails

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Emails